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Re: Deer + A4 = W/O

Andrew Duane USG/PE <duane@zk3.dec.com> wrote:

>I was just reading my A4 brochure, and it indeicates that the
>airbag system seems to be tied to the seatbelts. This seems
>kinda dumb, but.....

There are multiple ways of tying the airbag system to the seat belts- most
cars here have a device that tightens the belts before/as the 'bags go off.

Agreed, switching the 'bags off when the belt's not in use is dumb, but
I've never heard of that. I _have_ heard of sensors detecting no use of the
seat, and therefore switching the 'bag off. Also, some baby seats have this
device for turning off the passenger airbag.


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