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Re: '86 5KCSTQ - Euro Light Direct Swap?

"Avi Meron" <avi@cosmoslink.net> wrote:

>The NA  (naturally aspirated) 5K, big lights will fit, Bosch makes some and
>maybe some other brands.............best is to have a slanted grill, but you
>can away without it...

>>Hi All:
>>With the exception of the wiring/relays, which Euro lights are a
>>direct swap with the stock DOTs?
>>Mark Pollan, '86 5KCSTQ 248K Miles

Errr... sorry to correct you Avi, but that's wrong.
The TQs use Audi 200 Euro lights. The NA Audi 100 (not called 5K in Europe)
lights will fit, but require swapping grill and sidelights for Euro items
(actually, you can use a US 5K NA grill).
Advantage of the 200-type lights is the twin-bulb design with dedicated
driving lights for high beam. Disadvantage: price.

Straight/slanted grill is only an issue with 4K/CGT/UrQ headlight
conversions. 5Ks have had slanted grills since the C3 came out in '83.


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