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Re: Tec II

On Sun, 8 Mar 1998, Mike Zamikhovsky wrote:

> I have installed one on my car. It is great to tune and is simple. The 

What car?

> only problem is it doesn't work with 5 cyl engines. Also they don't 

I had the same trouble with the FMS system, but I simply fooled the ECU 
into thinking it was running a 4-cyl engine, which works fine since it 
fires all injectors simultaneously anyway.   If it were a sequential 
system, I could not have done that.

FMS recently sent me some 5-cyl software to try though, so if that works, 
I'll be able to remove one potential failure mode, and simplify the system.

> include harness and you need to build one yourself. Their connectors are 

I used a 4-cyl harness, and added an additional injector plug.

> no good for rally as I found out. The one to use on low budget for 5 cyl 
> is Autronics and it can be purchassed from John Buffum direct. For high $ 

What kind of cost are you talking here?

> use Motec (double the price). There was many details with Electromotive 
> to learn. Let me know if interested.

My very limited exposure to Electromotive has been good so far.  My buddy 
has two 6-cyl TEC units on his supercharged 6.5litre Jaguar V12.   It 
makes a conservative 650 hp.  :-)

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