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Re: FS: rare TURBO QUATTRO COUPE w/ very low miles

On Wed, 11 Mar 1998, Mike Del Tergo wrote:

> >A frinend of mine in Atlanta has a rare '83 TURBO QUATTRO COUPE 
> I believe 83 was the most abundant year for US UrQ's
> >w/ 28k original miles... and original deep dish multispoke 15x8 rims.  
> Weren't these original only from 85 on?

Where I live these UrQs are few and far between so it may not be as rare
as it seems to me.  Everything about the car that I've told is from memory
and some of what my friend has told me recently so the rims may not be
ariginal but as far as i know they are.  His Father, a master Audi
mechanic, is no longer here to ask so we can't ask him.  My friend does
have a Turbo Quattro book that would probably be able to tell us what US
models came with originally.  If you are interested, I can let you cantact
him and ask.

Talk to ya later!

Carey Lyn