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Re: FS: rare TURBO QUATTRO COUPE w/ very low miles

>A frinend of mine in Atlanta has a rare '83 TURBO QUATTRO COUPE 

I believe 83 was the most abundant year for US UrQ's

>w/ 28k original miles... and original deep dish multispoke 15x8 rims.  
Weren't these original only from 85 on?

>The car has the original window sales sticker, which shows that this 
car sold for almost $40,000 new in '83. If you want a Powerful Classic 
European Car and want to possess the very essence of what Audi is today, 
you need this car.  The price of this car is $14k OBO.

FWIW a similar car, red with ~30K on the clock, and looked like less, 
sold recently for $10,500, non negotiated BTW.  Though I suspect the 
price was more a reflection of being in the right place at the right 
time, than of lack of interest.  Just an (unwelcome) reality check for 
those of us with nice lo mileage UrQs who would like to see the market 
firm for once!

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