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Re: Parts and rear brake sticking 86 4kq

your problem may be the parking brake mechinism on the rear calipers, that is
what happened on my 4kq. They corrode and stick. The only fix is to replace the
calipers as Audi has no rebuild kit.
Best of luck,
Reed Unterseher

John Stanton wrote:

> Greetings all,
> Well my 86 4kq just had the pleasure of failing the CT emmisions test, high
> HC.  No real surprise, I know I need a tune up including the OXS.  But I
> needed to get it done before the late fees apply.
> Question #1: Who's got the best price on full tune up item (plugs, wire,
> filters etc.). There is always a running debate.
> Question #2: The back brakes were sticking this morning when I was going to
> go to work.  This has only happend once before but that was after a heavy
> rain and the car sat for a couple days. Conclusion, surface rust on the
> rotors.  This time was different only sat for 12 hrs and no rain.  My
> thinking is water in the brake line froze thereby expanding over night.
> Was real cold.  Ideas?
> Thanks all,