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Suspension Parts

    Well it was unavoidable. My '87 4kcsq has run almost flawlessly all
winter and I had to comment to a friend about how "trouble free" and
"inexpensive" it has been. The wrath of the Audi gods has been
unleashed! I need some parts soon and i need them inexpensive. I'm
hoping the Qlist can help me.
I need front and rear tie rod bearings, one rear left hand ball joint,
and both front upper strut bearings. Who's the best and cheapest. Rather
than spending hours looking on the web I thought you could quicken the
journey. Please respond to me (slashp@btigate.com) or to the list.
Thanks again for any help that can be provided.
Reed Unterseher
'87 4kcsq
'76 CJ-7
'87 Fz600