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Cops, Valentine One

Alright. I think I'll buy a Dodge Omni. I just picked up my sixth ticket 
in 4 years. 25 in a 45. Blue Ash, Ohio. Cop was a real... jerk.

"How fast were you going?"
"25, sir."
"Bullshit. Do I look stupid to you?"
"Not particularly."
"So you are calling me a liar."
"You or your radar."

Hilarity. What really kills me is all of the people saying we need more 
police. They ought to ride with me for awhile. As an aside, a co-worker 
of mine saw her new car stereo stolen a few days before. Two blocks from 
where I was cited. No revenue in stereo-theft-prevention.

So I have yet another ticket. I am going to buy a Valentine One before I 
get another haircut, toothpaste, or pair of shoes. My question:

Is it possible to legally buy a new V1 for less than the $400 MSRP?

If not, I'll have to start a campaign of throwing bricks through the 
windows of traffic cops' homes. (that is a joke, please don't cite me.)

Oh, well, looks like the old soapbox needs another coat of paint, better 
get off of it.

--Ted Harlan

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