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Re: 323 - was Cheap Thrills - Rallycross

>I agree absolutely on this point,having lived through head on collissions
>in both a 323 & a Ur-q.  I walked away from both, the Ur-q one because its
>structural integrity & the 323 due to much luck & lower speed involved.
>This is the #1 reason I dont have a WRX as a daily driver.
>John Firkins

I really think that a roll cage on the street can go a long way
to correcting this obvious problem. I have seen a 323 hit by a 
cadilac, and a fat woman waiting for the jaws of life to rescue
her. Not pretty!  A roll cage is cheap at the price, and those
simple lap belts are starting to feel pretty wimpy, and not to change
the subject too much (hah!) but how come no steering wheels are in the 
right place for 6 footers. Straight arms suck! Gee sounds like no car 
fits me stock, now that I know better, so which one is easiest and 
cheapest to get to where I want it amd keep it running.  That's were
I am at!

paul timmerman