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RE: Exhaust Clatter Sound

> My '87 5K exhaust system (right under the front seats) is making a
> loud
> clatter sound only during idle.  Any suggestions as to what might be
> causing
> this?
I've experienced this on my '88 5kCSQW and my wife's brother's 5kS.  The
heat shield for the catalytic converter is held in place by a single
weld point ... which breaks.  Others have reported this same problem and
have had the shield tacked back into place.  My solution was to use a
wide hose clamp that is large enough to go around the front neck of the
cat, behind the mounting flange.  Tightening the hose clamp to the point
where it forces the heat shield against the front of the cat solved the
problem for me X2 ... and there's no chance of the weld failing again

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)