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Re: 5k steering & brake systems

>From: chollyl@juno.com
>Subject: Re:  5k steering & brake systems
>For those of you out there that are completely fed up with the hydraulic
>systems on the 5
>series cars, you can convert those back to the 80-83 5k systems fairly
>easily. Very 
>low maintenance systems. Converted my first 84 5k, and it went four years
>and used
>1/2 qt. of dextron in the entire time.Only other thing that was done was
>the belt at the
>recommended intervals. The only problem now is finding 80-83 5k organ
>donor cars.

Please advise procedure: use old rack?, what do you do about power steering
and brake booster? TIA.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman