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dose of their own medicine?

Interesting thread about police saying "give us your radar detector so we
can destroy it in front of your eyes or we'll confiscate your car."

When I lived in Miami some years ago, standard procedure was (alleged to
be) for officers to carry a cheap .25 cal saturday night special (called a
"drop gun") in addition to their service weapon. If they had to shoot
someone (and no lie, that HAS to be a tough call under VERY difficult
circumstances), they'd drop the .25 at the feet of the dead perpetrator,
and claim at the inquest "He tried to shoot me - there's the weapon." Case

Truth of the story (doubtful) and ethics (huh?) aside, it presents an
interesting approach if you're stopped and they demand your radar detector
or else.

Buy a real cheapie from a pawn shop - it doesn't even have to work - have
you got a dead one laying around in the back of your closet? - and when
ordered to surrender your radar detector or else, give the nice man (with
the gun) the junk one, and look properly abject and apologetic as you do
so. Wince as he crushes it under his jack-booted heel (aw, come on), and
apologise some more. Case dismissed? (And drive slower.)

Best Regards,

Mike Arman