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P600's; was: P-700's Suck? B.S. !! Here's why...

pat martin sez:
>I worked in the trenches at several Discount Tire stores for about 5 years
>For whatever the reason I never saw a round Pirelli except the P600.
>For my money the only decent tire they ever made.

i used up two sets of the p600s on my 4kq and i loved them.  they stayed
on year round in southern CT with plenty of weekend snow country trips
thrown in.  my passengers will agree that i drove hard on those tires,
whether in snow, gravel or pavement.  yet i rarely heard any sounds of
protest.  they each lasted 60K miles to the wearbars.  in those 120K
miles, i remember locking them up exactly twice under braking on pavement.
i rotated f/r every 20K miles but they barely needed it.  every time i put a
tread depth gauge on those things i had no more than 1/16 inch variation
among the 4 tires (f/r, l/r, inside/middle/outside of the tread.)  i may
have rebalanced each set once after the initial mount/balance.  the only
time i had the car aligned was when i upgraded/rebuilt the
suspension/chassis at 100K.  i have not had a similar experience with
any other vehicle/tire combination...


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