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What happens if a cop detects that you do have a radar? Maybe an old one
without VG-2?

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On Tue, 17 Mar 1998, Aleksander Mierzwa wrote:

> Svein wrote:
> 	>Have been looking around for info about laser/radar detector.
> But the only thing I found out 
> 	>is that a gadget costs from 99,99$ to 600$.
> In USA they can be had for as low as 50 bucks. In Europe such toys are,
> as always, much more expensive :-(
> 	>Are they reliable?
> Depends on what you understand by reliability. If you ask if they really
> do detect the radio waves emited by police radar - the answer is yes. If
> you ask if they will always warn you about a cop waiting for you around
> the corner - the answer is no. Most of police radars used nowadays is of
> "instant-on" variety, it means the radio energy is transmitted only for
> a fraction of second needed to measure the speed. If there's enough
> traffic, your detector will usually pick up the signal as the cop clocks
> the cars ahead of you. If you are alone on the road, your chances are
> next to zero. Same goes for laser.
> 	>Does they interfere with police radar/laser signals?
> No, that's what jammers are for
> 	>Can the police detect if I have a radar/laser detector in my
> car?
> 	>What is VG-2 ?, and what does it mean that the detector is
> cloaking the VG-1 signals'
> VG-2 is a device developed in USA to detect the radar detectors (I don't
> think it is being used anywhere in Europe). Some older or poorly
> designed detectors actually do generate radio signal of the same
> frequency as the radar. Almost all newer detectors of good brands are
> "VG-2 undetectable"
> 	>Which gadget is the best buy?
> I'm using Uniden 2150 which costed me around $100 here in PL and am very
> satisfied with it, mainly because it's giving few false alarms (which is
> very annoying in case of some other brands). Many people swear by
> Valentine 1, although it costs over $400 I've heard it is well worth
> that price. If you live in Europe than remember that detectors are
> illegal in majority of European countries and the fines are *HIGH* if
> you are caught using one. Normal detectors have to be mounted so they
> can "see" through the windshield and therefore are easily visible from
> outside. It is good idea to buy a remote detector, eg. one that has the
> antenna mounted behind the grille and the control panel in discrete
> place (for example in the ashtray)
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