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When did '87 4kq get 130 HP ?

Hi quattro people,

Having just sold my 86 5kcs (Bought it 3 years ago for $2,500 - put on 27K
miles & sold it yesterday for $2,200  YEEE HAAA) :) :)  I am looking for a
87 4kq.  I was looking for a 5ktq but decided that for the next couple of
years I don't need the potential maintenance headaches (I know... the 4k has
'em too but not as much).  I can wait a few years for 200q prices to plunge.

Anyway,  I know the 130hp motor started in the beginning of 87, but does
anyone have a start VIN# ??
Also, the code is NG or NF ???  and is it under the trunk lid ??

Thanks !!

Scott McPherson
MS-II  SUNY Health Science Center @ Syracuse