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Re: christian's getting married!

From: Dan Simoes <dans@ans.net>
>>No, this is a licence to do more upgrades...she is less likely to nag me
>>the money i spend on the car now that she has a diamond on her finger! 
>OK folks, set him straight on this marriage thing...

Make sure you get ALL your toys/upgrades/enhancements before the
marriage...you can use these "extras" for bargaining points later..."can I
get the '85 ur-q if I unload the '89 200q?"  or  "would you mind if we got
a newer boat/motorcycle/snowmobile if we sell xyz?"  or  "the garage shop
needs an air compressor, there's enough room in there...we can sell the old

hopefully it isn't too late for this (my cutoff came a couple months before
the ceremony--I did manage to upgrade my '87 4kcsq to a '91 200q, buy a
small boat and motorcycle in the two years before, though.  a certain
lister in Scottsdale seems to have encountered this early phenomenon as
well  :^)

Life WILL be great!

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