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Interior choices

I have been a long time lurker on the GTI VR6 list and have been on this one for 
a few months.  I always thought that my first car would be the GTI but after 
test driving the A4 I though again.  

Anyway, I will be ordering withing the next couple of weeks either a Laser Red 
or Al. Silver.  The brochure has a very limited color choice for cloth interior. 
 For instance it does not Onyx in cloth but I have seen two cars with it.  My 
question is, what colors are available and what do they look like.  I have seen 
the Titanium and Onyx in cloth.  I would like something in between these two, 
more like a darker gray.  Does the Anthracite look like that?


Jim Bovenmyer 
The Temporarily XLTed One (TXO)
94 Ranger SC XLT 2.3L (The Lazy Plum)