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Fog Lights on a 1993 100cs Quattro... How do they get changed???????

Hey all,

	I am 19 years old, and just bought a prestine condition Audi 100CS Quattro
w/5spd, nothing wrong with it period, except that the right fog light is
birghter than the left one...  Is there an adjustment, are they maybe
different lights, or is that how they are on these cars??   I need to know
an almost exact answer...  Also how do you change them because i'm putting
in Catz replacement lights that are yellow tinged, or maybe the bluue ion
tinged ones???  Haven't decided, but i need your help!!!!!  Is one foglight
supposed to be brighter than the other?????

	        		 							      -= Levent Cur =-
								1993 Audi 100CS Quattro, w/5spd, and BoSe System.