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Re: Intercooler Trivia, Stock intercooler good for

scott sez:
> While scrounging through a wrecking yard, a found a used intercooler off
> a 1984 5000 Turbo ...
> aluminum end cap on the one end for the inlet and outlet cap. It has the
> extra 7/8 inch diameter port in this aluminum end cap which is connected
> to the lower intercooler inlet. This port would make a nice place to
> connect the retro-fit 20V turbo bypass valve. The other end of the
> intercooler had the standard plastic end cap. The boss for the air temp
> sensor is cast into the aluminum end piece but it is not drilled for the
> air temp sensor.
> This intercooler had a label on the bottom with the following info:
> Kuhlerfabrik: Langerer & Reich, GMBH & CO.KG
> LR Nr 37176207 Stuck Nr 2447
> Kom Nr 30737
> PB 0.8 Bar    Dat 07/83
> I assume the PB 0.8 bar, indicates that these intercoolers were designed
> to run 1.8 bar (absolute) through them, this makes some sense as the
> european versions of the 5000 Turbo ran more boost. Can any European or
> UK list members comment on this PB 0.8 Bar spec?
> Langerer & Reich also make the intercoolers for the 1986-88 5000T/Q, the
> 1989-90 200T/Q 10V and the 20V intercooler out of the 1991 200TQ 20V.

intercooler on my euro 86 w KG engine (i think the us 84 I5 turbos were KH's):
- both endcaps are plastic
- has the 7/8 port on the inlet side, which feeds wg, isv and fi air shrouds
- not sure if it has the temp sensor boss - i believe my air temp sensor
  is mounted on the intake manifold near the throttle.
- made by Langerer & Reich (stamped on the i/o cap)
- audi part # 035 145 805E (best as i can read it, stamped on the i/o cap)
- also has 3717204 on it (best as i can read it, stamped on the i/o cap)
- if there is anything else stamped on the i/o cap or printed on the
  bottom, it can wait until i remove the ic.
 (i have 3 meters of 13mm ss hose clamp material ready for that eventuality.)


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