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Re: KKK turbos,VATN....

I have a kh with the k26. Little turbo lag. Enough to make it fun. I was
recently reading an issue of VW power (my friend's) and it had a beautiful
uk urq with a 20v. The guy modified the engine so much that he apparently
needed to put a k27 on it. I figured the k26 would supply more than enough
and a k24 was standard. It also had nitrous. I'll try and get some copies
of the article and I try and make them available to everyone when my www
is up. The most beautiful I've ever seen esp with the original Audi Sport
steering wheel and 17"BBS's.

*Steve                                       Sachelle Babbar
*'84  5ksT 1.6-2.0 bar                    <SBABBAR@IRIS.NYIT.EDU>
*Cockpit adjustable wastegate, AudiSport badge
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