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Re: Alta Vista

On Mon, 02 Mar 1998 14:23:32 -0500, Igor Kessel wrote:

>IMHO, both brands compete for almost the same market: affluent
>professionals who have more taste and class than testosterone and
>appreciate subtlety and engineering ingenuity over fashion and brand
>recognition. It's the crowd which for some reason or another does not
>want to drive either a M-B or a BMW.

I like Audis because they feel right, sound right and look elegant. I
can't find many of these qualities in a Volvo and would never buy one.

Try to listen when you close the doors. Try to pull the lever the
wrong way when shifting between high and low beam - in an Audi you
can't, in a Volvo it feels and sounds like it is about to break. 

Or try driving an 850 turbo diesel. It is equipped with an Audi
engine, but it sounds like some agricultural vehicle. In an Audi, the
same engine has a very "clean" and distinctive 5 cylinder sound -
actually more sporty than the gas models.

To sum it up:
If Volvo can steal customers from Audi, those customers weren't worthy
of owning an Audi anyway :-)

Allan Olesen, Denmark

83 100cd man. 243k miles (just runs and runs and...)
87 100cd aut. 144k miles (wish it did too)
84 Toyota Corolla        (no comments, hiding face behind newspaper)
66 Jaguar S              (rusting/awaiting restoration)
65 Jaguar S              (rusting/awaiting restoration)