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On the Techron subject...

In message <3516D8F5.7A78AC3F@poboxes.com> Gerard writes:

> So running unleaded should be no problem them? When unleaded came
> out here there were bundles of articles indicating that some motors
> used the lead to protect valve seats. Wouldn't know much about it
> and odds are the Audi folks here wouldn't know whether the motor was
> designed for leaded or unleaded or whether "converted" or not.

Alloy heads, such as the ones used in I5 engines, have steel valve
seats already.  I think the problem only exists where the valve seat
is cut directly into a cast iron head.

Audi engines have been prepared for unleaded fuel for years.  The same
head part numbers are used for Swiss and Swedish versions of the WR
engine that were shipping in 1981 as for the US version (1983/5) and the
UK version - which shipped until 1988.  Even though the UK WR engine
is not specifically cleared by Audi for lead-free fuel, all of the
relevant parts are the same ones used in the US lead-free engines.

I don't think _any_ damage at all would be caused by you using
lead-free fuel.  There are (potentially serious) environmental issues
in using it in a car without a cat.  See the web in general for lots
of discussions about benzene especially.

In Germany, when unleaded fuel came in, all of the gas station
attendants vanished into sealed glass cubicles.  If you're pumping
unleaded fuel, _DON'T_ breathe the fumes.  Again, see the web for
epidemiological studies of leukemias especially among Swedish pump

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