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Re: K&N mods for Audi 90s...

Gerard wrote:
> Wasn't there talk recently on the list that these filters don't do
> their filtering job very well? 

Yes, there was.  And on a whim, yesterday, I went and checked out how
the K&N panel that I had (for about 8,000 miles) was doing.  It seems
that it lets in a little dust, there was a fine black coating on a few
bits in the air path.  However it didn't seem like an objectionable
amount (not that I know what an objectionable amount would be) so I'm
keeping it for now.  

Something I thought was notable, however, was the stock paper air filter
had *many* more pleats, like 3 or 4 times as many, and was about an inch
taller than the K&N.  Whatever.  The K&N was labeled for "VW Golf/GTI
L4-1.8L, V6 88-96" and didn't fit in my airbox the same way the stock
filter did.

> [...]
> Aren't there cone filter systems out there that use the same type of
> paper element as the stock system? The cone should expose more filter,
> but the paper will do the same filtering. What about the RamAir units
> one sees in many of the British mags?

I personally don't think a cone filter would work well for the 90 unless
some extra ducting was put in.


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