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CIS Pressure Gauge Set and Eurolights

I'm thinking about buying a gauge for testing the system and control
pressures of the CIS FI system.  I've found a test set in JC Whitney for
approximately $50 and one in a Porche catalog for approximately $200. 
Anyone have a suggestion as to what constitutes a "good" test set?  I'd
prefer to build my own since I have several gauges that cover the
pressure range, but I haven't found a source for the fittings.  Has
anyone built their own? 

Also, I finally finished the installation of the Eurospec lights  in my
1990 200Q.  I actually installed the lights about a month ago, but
finally put in the relays last weekend so I can power the H3s.  Boy what
a difference.  Compared to the stock 9004s, the H4s by themselves are an
order of magnitude better.  Now with the two 100 watt H3s powered, it's
another order of magnitude improvement. I'm still contemplating rewiring
the headlamp assemblies so I can run only the H4s or both the H4s and
H3s (like separate driving lights).  With everything on, I have do dim
(dip??) the high beams immediately when I see another car coming.  The
H4s alone worked very well in the suburban areas around here.  I'm using
the Audi wiring for the H4 low beams, as the wattage is similar to the
9004s so it shouldn't tax the wiring too badly.  This also leaves the
light autocheck circuit functional. I did replace the "dinky" common
ground wires (mandatory for the added current), so the low filaments of
the H4s should be getting a little more current.