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coolant loss

wouldn't you know, the same hose went on mine just last week after i changed
the thermostat. as luck would have it my wife was driving (yes dear) saw the
steam, heard the alarms , saw the flashing lights and decided that she had
better stop shopping and drive home quickly.....:>(. so far all is well
inspite of that. i removed the pipe at the banjo fitting and loosened the
clamp on the other end. the banjoed end had a metal crimping piece on it. i
carefully hacksawed it in half bet the ends apart and pulled it off the
banjo pipe. the pipe now bare had the typical bulge to hold a rubber pipe
and clamp, so i found a piece of reinforced rubber airline hose (plentiful
in my shop) that was a good fit for diameter, cut off a three inch length
and clamped it. i then reinstalled the open hose end onto the engine fitting
and clamped it loosely. then i connected the banjo union and its two
washers, wiggled around the loose connection to relieve any stresses and
clamped it tightly. works fine. btw i noticed that there's another one of
these three inch hoses with banjo on the other side of the engine hidden
amongst the manifolds. that should be fun to change!
86 5kcdtq

Subject: Turbo Coolant Hose 3B

Yikes, severe coolant loss. There is a bango bolt fitting on the front
end of the coolant collector below the intake manifold. There is a small
rubber hose (with a big hole in it now) clamped to the banjo bolt