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RE:CIS Pressure Gauge Set and Eurolights

Fred asked;
>I'm thinking about buying a gauge for testing the system and control
>pressures of the CIS FI system.  I've found a test set in JC Whitney for
>approximately $50 and one in a Porche catalog for approximately $200. 
>Anyone have a suggestion as to what constitutes a "good" test set?  I'd
>prefer to build my own since I have several gauges that cover the
>pressure range, but I haven't found a source for the fittings.  Has
>anyone built their own?]

Then Russ Replied:

>I have built my own tester using junkyard fuel injection lines.  I
>remove the ends of the braided lines and tee in a 100 psi gauge with
>rubber hose and hose clamps (I use good quality fule hose).  To do
>system and control pressure you will need the fittings on the line that
>goes from the top/center of the fuel dist. to the warm up regulator.
>With a gauge teeed into this line you normally get control press. you
>then can use a pair of pliers to close the fuel flow to the warm up >reg.
>which gives system pressure (if the car is running this will make it
>stall so I use a different way to test system press. - see next para.).>>>>>

>One other fitting I made which is real handy is right off the cold >start
>valve.  I disconnect the cold start valve line and connect up a 100 psi
>gauge direct.  This gives me a system pressure reading at all times and
>when the engine is shut off it gives a residual pressure reading. It
>also disconnects the cold start valve which may be helpful in finding
>hot start problems.

>I also made an adapter to go inline with the fuel injectors. I wanted a
>better way to test fuel injectors, thinking if I could measure their
>pressure I could determine which ones are leaking.  This works but it
>takes a few hours to go through all 5 injectors one at a time.

>Thinking that testing all five at once was a better way I tried to find
>the metric fittings needed to adapt to the injectors (at the FD) - no
>luck with local vendors.  I then called J.C. Whitney and asked who was
>the manuf. for their Bosch Kits. They told me it was Hoffman in
>Lindehurst NY.  I called them (516-226-4300) and they do sell the piece
>parts to their kits if you want.  THey faxed me a picture of the piece
>parts but it is not real clear which one you would need (you need to
>know the metric size of the banjo bolts etc.).  They quoted me $90.18
>for the Bosch CIS kit which J.C. Whitney sells for $54.00!!!!!!   

>87 5KCSTQ
>Littleton, CO

Thanks Russ and all the others who responded to my query.  I think I'll
probably take the easier route of the various options and buy the JC
Whitney gauge set and then see if I can improve it by using a better
gauge (maybe not necessary, but when you have stuff sitting around, you
try things!).  Hopefully with a little luck I'll be able to solve my
warm start problem (only occurs when the temp is <0 F) before next
winter.  Unfortunately I'll only know if it's solved after the cold
weather returns.  But ------ I am more than happy to wait until next
year for more cold weather.

Thanks again to everyone.