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CIS Pressure Gauge Set and Eurolights

In message <3519AA75.20C5@mmmpcc.org> "Fred L. DeRoos" writes:

> Then Russ Replied:

> >Thinking that testing all five at once was a better way I tried to find
> >the metric fittings needed to adapt to the injectors (at the FD) - no
> >luck with local vendors.  I then called J.C. Whitney and asked who was
> >the manuf. for their Bosch Kits. They told me it was Hoffman in
> >Lindehurst NY.  I called them (516-226-4300) and they do sell the piece
> >parts to their kits if you want.  THey faxed me a picture of the piece
> >parts but it is not real clear which one you would need (you need to
> >know the metric size of the banjo bolts etc.).  They quoted me $90.18
> >for the Bosch CIS kit which J.C. Whitney sells for $54.00!!!!!!   

> Thanks Russ and all the others who responded to my query.  I think I'll
> probably take the easier route of the various options and buy the JC
> Whitney gauge set ...

Ah!   Slowly, a dim light dawns.  You want to know which of the adapters that 
Hoffman/Whitney supply is any damn use on an Audi?
OK.  On the MB engine (therefore at least the MC-2?) the only adapter you need 
is Hoffman's R14I46.  It's a great long thing, with a hex cross-section.  You 
also need an R14K o-ring.

Anyone with the same kit care to post which of the five adaptors in the kit are 
used on other Audis?

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club