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Hi, I'm new.

Hello All,

My name is Paul and I'm from the UK,  I purchased my Audi Coupe GT 2.2i
87/88 a couple of months ago and was immediately hooked and if thing
carry on this way I can't see myself driving anything else. Although the
car is 10 years old it looks as if it has just been driven off the
forecourt and for 2,100 British Pounds!

The list seems very informative and friendly and I look forward to
reading all the correspondence. One thing I would appreciate is a brief
translation of the models, i.e.: all this GKQ4000 type stuff is a little
daunting, over here we have A4, A6, A8 and Coupe, but the older models
were; 80,90,100,200 and Coupe which one can assume that these tally up
with your; 2000, 4000 etc. but a short key would enhance my enjoyment of
the list further.

Only 2 problems with my car actually:

1. I sometimes have to thump my headlight to get it to light up properly
- I have cleaned the connections at the back of the light.

2. My dashboard illumination is poor and has to be turned up full just
to be noticed.

Thank you for a good list and for any help received.

Paul Lefford

PS. any idea how many people are on this list?