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re: Regular or Ethel ???

Ethel, huh? I used to know a girl named Ethel who was available on a pretty
"regular" basis. But her cousin Ethyl, now she would just "lead" you on.
Don't know about those _Southern_ girls, though. ;-)

Save your money, if 87 octane runs knock-free. Higher octane is unlikely to
give better mileage.


>Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 09:33:47 -0600
>From: Bob Mansker <oscargum@datasync.com>
>Subject: Regular or Ethel ???
>I have a 87 5K Q (non-turbo).
>I am using Chevron regular (87 octane) with no "ping"..
>Would I get better gas milage by using high test.
>Many Thanks,
>Bob in south Mississippi

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