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RE: Radars/tickets & V1

On Fri, 27 Mar 1998, glen powell wrote:

> The V1 is, without doubt, worth every penny of the $400 they get for them.
> Try one and you will never again drive without it!
> -glen
If you are inclined to occasionally exceed the posted speed limit, you
can't do better than the V1.  It paid for itself the first weekend I had
it, and continues to do so every time I head out of NYC.  It even saved me
on the way up and back to fight the ticket that led to it's purchase.

ObOffTopic:  As an A4Q owner </me ducks flying fruit and bad bombs> who
will most likely not get a car that requires major upkeep in the near
future, I still get more out of this list than any other email list I'm
on.  Just because it's not directly applicable to my situation today
certainly doesn't mean it's not knowledge I will use in the future.  Since
I've sub****** to this list, I've ended up looking through my old Navy
hydraulics manuals (I was a airdale tweek, certainly not a hydraulics
guy), studying the physics of Torsion, started looking at tools again, and
decided that maybe buying an older car to play with isn't such a bad idea.
I would prefer to have one list for all Q-lovers.