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Re: Warranty and I hope Audi's reading

In a message dated 3/27/98 ARPCAxPREZ@aol.com writes:

<< My experience with Audi has been horrible...........I bought a '97 A4TQ
1200 mi and discovered 3 large ugly, haphazardly drilled holes in the front
bumper cover, when I removed the front license plate holder.  I called Audi to
complain...what a mess and a defect of poor design.  At Audi's suggestion I
took it to my local dealer from them to look at it.  Swickley Audi's service
manager looked at it and SAID THIS IS VERY BAD and HE'LL CALL AUDI AND TELL

This doesn't sound good so far... My question would be who drilled these
"haphazard" holes? Since this car was not "new" (dealer demo I assume?) who
knows. If this was done by a dealer your beef is not with Audi, rather the
dealership who did the damage and/or sold you the car. Many (most?) states
require front plates nowadays anyway so I'm a bit confused as to the real
problem if these holes are under the license plate frame. None-the-less, if
you bought the car through reputable channels it should be made right...by the
seller. If it was poor workmanship from the factory, then indeed Audi should
make it right.

<< The only thing I do now is bad mouth Audi every chance I get. I'm past
president of our 425 member Porsche Club...<snip> I'm concerned Audi does not
have respect, concern, or gives a shoot about Audi owners.....it's obvious to
me and I'm speading the word. Good Luck on your situation, you'll need it. >>

As a former PCA chapter prez I guess I don't need to remind you of 75-77 911's
w/CA emissions. Did Porsche care that we who owned those needed complete
rebuilds at 60k or less miles? Are you bad mouthing 944's too cuz they were
built by Audi? To be consistent...you should consider it. 

I have (thankfully) seldom had to have Audi do any "goodwill" warranty work,
but when I have it was taken care of very promptly and without trouble. (I was
working with a well established dealership who does have good customer service
practices.) Again, your situation sounds like a dealer/seller problem from the
way I interpreted your post. It is a common gripe that Audi's dealers leave
more than a bit to be desired. That is something Audi needs to listen to and
deal with as well...

BTW, what you have experienced thus far is NOTHING compared to what I went
through over a defective transmission in the last asian vehicle I owned (85
toyota pick-up...it was new at the time, now looong gone). Talk about being
jacked around...try going all the way through CA lemon law arbitration
(preparing arguments, attending hearings, etc) and winning (!) only to have
toy co appeal on the last day they had to either make good or appeal (they had
30 days)...starting the entire process over from scratch. I promptly sold the
POS as-is and will never own an asian vehicle of any brand ever again. 

So, I understand your frustrations...but (again) I do think your best area of
recourse is through the selling dealer. If they are not willing to help...slam
them (BTW, do they sell Porsches??? if so there's your leverage what with your
PCA contacts). Good luck...

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq (old enough not to have the frustrations of dealing with dealers)