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Re: 4000 Generation Differences

Ti Kan wrote:
> >I have an US '84 4k 1.8L that has the rear wing on the trunk lid like
> >the quattro so it is similar in body style, but it does not have front
> >wing windows and the all the windows are definately power windows.
> >Wolff
> What you have sounds like the "limited-edition 4000S".  Audi offered
> these for the 84 model year in the US as a special model in addition
> to the normal 4000 2-door FWD and 4-door FWD and quattro models.  The
> limited-edition 4000S are 4-door FWD models with the 1.8L 88hp four
> cylinder, standard with front and rear spoiler (but no lower valance
> like that on the 4000q).  It also came standard with sport seats,
> power tilt-slide sunroof, the 5000S-style 4-spoke steering wheel,
> 14" Ronal R8 wheels and sapphire (bluish silver) metallic paint.
> -Ti

You are right. It is the "limited". My wife bought it many years ago
primarily for the way it looked. She wanted a coupe, but that wasn't
practical. It has been a very reliable and realtively inexpensive car to
maintain and drive. How about brake rotors for $18? I just change 'em
out with the pads. :)