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Re: homemade bushing press?

> I haven't tried this, but wouldn't the ol' Audi jack (or a bottle jack) in
> your trunk be able to work like a "three ton hydraulic press"  to install your
> bushings?  Just fashion a BEEFY rectangular frame using 2x4 stock, metal
> braces and lots of long nails or screws, and position the jack inside it. 

I'd think you'd break the 2x4s.  Get a hydraulic press from Harbor
Freight Tools.  They have a 6 ton for $73, 12 ton for $100.
I have (had - it's living at Pete Kunzler's) a 12 ton A-frame.
It's perfect for bushings.  Rumor has it these presses don't last
too well for some people... but for maintaining 5 or so cars,
(I think that's how many have been using it), they are fine.