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re: warped rotors

I've heard others also voice an opinion that resurfacing rotors is
inadvisable. When I hear it from a repair shop, my suspicion is always that
the _replaced_ rotor is simply a nice, profitable part of a brake job. But
I wonder is it possible that bad results are sometimes just from improper
turning procedures? (Too much taken off, dull cutter ...).  I can't offer
much experience, pro or con. Around here, corrosion is so fierce that
rotors dissolve away too fast to allow much time to think about surfacing.

Also, shall we assume that you are _not_ a UFO-rotor kinda guy? ;-)


>    I have found that turned rotors always warp after hard use. I suspect
>that the turning induces stress in the rotor which is relieved when the
>rotor heats during use.
>    I always use new rotors; it saves the frustration of doing the job
>Fred Munro
>'91 200q  248k km