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Re: Warped Rotors

From: Wolff <wolff_b@ix.netcom.com>

>However, the 20% greater swept area of the UFO's (12" or 315mm
>rotor) makes a noticeable difference in stopping power, so I prefer to
>keep them. 

Right you are, especially at the speed potential of these cars--stock or

>The backdate setup I have heard of uses 11" rotors and users
>have reported slightly decreased braking effectiveness.

actually, the rotors are 10.9" and are the "updated" to the '92 S4 rotors
(and hub/strut and ... and ...).  They are essentially the same as the '90
and earlier dual caliper setup, but someone recently informed me that the
"update" conversion requires a few less parts to change over than does the
"backdate" conversion.  don't have all the details on this yet, but perhaps
sometime i'll look through the fiche.
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