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rebuilding an MC ,Dialynx EM and Racewares #

Hello all,

    Well I'm guess what I'm really looking for are some btdt with
the Dialynx-sp? exhaust manifold. I've already got one and
to say the least it's quite an impressive piece of hardware.
I know that it'll probably warp once it cooks and cools a few

I'm wondering if there is a way to somehow heat treat it
(subject it to high heat) before bolting it onto the car,
then having it planed. Hopefully this will keep it from warping 
once on the car. Also, I know that it is a tight fit between the intake
manifold and EM on the Ur-q. What about the 5k, 200? 

 I'll be using Total seal rings, a mechanical cylinder head for high
rpm's, and Raceware stud kit. Anyone have their number memorized?
Looking for any testimony and btdt on any of this. Thanks a plenty,

Chad Clark '87 5k Tq 
Colorado Springs, CO