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rebuilding an MC ,Dialynx EM and Racewares #

In message <199803291951.MAA14004@rainbow.rmi.net> "Sherry & Chuck Clark" writes:

>     Well I'm guess what I'm really looking for are some btdt with
> the Dialynx-sp? exhaust manifold. I've already got one and
> to say the least it's quite an impressive piece of hardware.
> I know that it'll probably warp once it cooks and cools a few
> times. 

Aelred told me at last year's AGM that the first series of manifolds he cast 
warped because the casting was too thin opposite #5.  John Robinson had two - 
both warped and he was not a happy bunny.  Aelred did the replacement free of 
charge and finally refunded John's money without any hassles.
I got one of the first manifolds produced after the redesign.  It's now done 
around 30000 miles without problems.  Audi have cut the price of their 
component almost in half since Aelred started shipping in earnest.

Phil Payne