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Audi 80, bomb, and AT transmition.

Hi All

Since 1973 all my cars had the 5-speed transmission (including Audi
5000CS '87), and I never had a problem with something like a brake
pressure regulator ("bomb"). Now, because of some financial needs, I
decided to buy Audi 80 with an automatic transmission (was cheap), and I
am totally unfamiliar with a potential problem between a BOMB and
automatic transmission.
Today when I applied a brake pedal I was unable to release a gear from
Park position.  
Is this possible that a bad bomb can affect the AT in the way, that I
cannot move a stick from a Park position? 
I think that my Audi has the symptoms of the bad bomb ( a brake pedal
becomes hard after 4-5 pumps with the engine off), but does it affect
the AT?
With an engine running I pushed the brake pedal many times and finally I
heard  two clicks in the area where the stick for AT is. Only between
those clicks I was able to release a gear from Park position. And only
between those clicks the brake lights went on. If I will push a little
bit harder, the lights went off and I was unable to move a stick. 
If somebody knows an answer to this problem, please send me an e-mail.
Thank so much and happy driving.