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Re: Audi 80, bomb, and AT transmition.

Szkut, Arthur writes:
> Today when I applied a brake pedal I was unable to release a gear from
> Park position.  
> Is this possible that a bad bomb can affect the AT in the way, that I
> cannot move a stick from a Park position? 
> I think that my Audi has the symptoms of the bad bomb ( a brake pedal
> becomes hard after 4-5 pumps with the engine off), but does it affect
> the AT?

The Audi 80 does not use a bomb (hydraulic accumulator).  It uses a
conventional vacuum-assisted braking system.  The pedal is supposed to
become hard after pumping with the engine stopped.  The bombs are only
found on the post-84 5000/100/200/V8 series cars and UrQs.

> With an engine running I pushed the brake pedal many times and finally I
> heard  two clicks in the area where the stick for AT is. Only between
> those clicks I was able to release a gear from Park position. And only
> between those clicks the brake lights went on. If I will push a little
> bit harder, the lights went off and I was unable to move a stick. 
> If somebody knows an answer to this problem, please send me an e-mail.
> Thank so much and happy driving.

What your problem sounds like is the shift-lock solenoid (which prevents
you from shifting out of park unless you are stepping on the brake) is
not actuating properly.  Thus, it is not unlocking your shift lever.
This should be easily fixable.  From your description it sounds like
a simple adjustment of your brake light switch is all that is necessary.

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