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Thoughts on the Rings

Do the results suggest engineering shortcomings that (perhaps
subconsciously) reflect on the rest of the line?  I doubt it.  They're
probably the result of cost and marketing-driven decisions, dubious (or
>cynical) ones from an enthusiast's perspective.   I have plenty of
>confidence in Audi's ability to deliver complete, class-leading products. 
>The flashes of brilliance are everywhere.  The cars themselves may well
>be available in Europe.   I have far less respect for the company's
>judgment in U.S. marketing and a myriad of other customer-related
>matters.  It's enough to make me wonder what I'm willing to risk putting
>up with to make an A4Q my next car.  Listers, do similar thoughts
>underlie your grumbles?
A very good and thought provoking post.  I too have confidence in Audis
ability to compete.  Unfortunately, the decisions made in the last 5 years,
indicate that mediocre may well be the rule not the exception.  A toast to the
Lords of the Rings in Ingolstat that this will change, and quickly.  The cars
themselves aren't quite dominating in the Euro press either, btw.

Scott Justusson