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V6 head gaskets

To:   quattro

Let's just say for the sake of argument, and also because I'm not ready to
admit this to myself yet, my head gasket is "weeping". I know this is a
common problem with early V6's, but I'm a bit surprised given the low
mileage of my car (35k) that it would begin to weep. I have two questions
concerning this malady:

1) Since I don't see the oil, smell the oil burning, see any smoke from
burning oil, isn't it reasonable to expect a few months to, perhaps, a year
from this "weeping" gasket? Background: I just spent about $1k USD on my
motorcycle, another $1k+ on the car is most likely grounds for divorce.

2) Do I have any choices for head gaskets that are considered upgrades? I
am of the opinion that if a part fails, if possible, it should be replaced
with a stronger or somehow improved part. I started looking at
http://www.headgaskets.com (found it in this month's EC), and I'm wondering
if I should install a performance head gasket? Has anyone replaced their
head gasket with a better product than what's available from Audi?

Sean Ford
'92 Audi 100CS 5-spd 35k mi