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Re: 92 S4 Digital Radio Dash Display...

Of course, the TSB doesn't admit to the possibility of actually solving the
problem without the expen$e of a new board.  I fixed mine in an earlier
Audi simply by cleaning two connectors inside the instrument cluster.  The
co$t?  Zero, zip, nada, nihil, nuttin'.  The time involved?  Perhaps 1/2
hour.  Less if you know what you are doing.

At 07:36 AM 4/1/98 -0500, you wrote:
>To:   quattro
>Dorab, Greg, q-list,
>Dorab has expertly described TSB 909402, released in August of '94,
>"Display Errors in Auto-Check Display"
>Model(s) 100 from 1991
> - with radio on, Auto-Check display shows horizontal bars or lines instead
>of radio frequency
> - Unrecognizable Auto-check display - part of display is missing
> - Brake pad indicator light illuminates intermittently. (Brake pads,
>sensors, and wiring are in good condition)
> - Oil warning light illuminates
>Service Solution:
> - If any of the above conditions exists replace the Auto-Check circuit
> - If the oil warning light comes on, verify the following first before
>replacing the Auto-Check circuit board:
>  - Oil level
>  - oil pressure
>  - oil condition
>  - oil leaks
>Oh, Lord! I also have an exploded view of the dash showing where the
>Auto-Check circuit board is.... let's just say it's not in the glove box.
>If it's really necessary, I may be able to fax someone the picture of the
>dash showing where the board is, and maybe I can also track down some
>instructions on how to get to it, though I can't guarantee anything.
>Sean Ford
>'92 Audi 100CS 5-spd 35k mi
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