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Re: 92 S4 Digital Radio Dash Display...

Hairy green toads from Mars made Sean Ford say:

> Dorab has expertly described TSB 909402, released in August of '94,
> "Display Errors in Auto-Check Display"
> Model(s) 100 from 1991
> Symptoms:
>  - with radio on, Auto-Check display shows horizontal bars or lines instead
> of radio frequency
>  - Unrecognizable Auto-check display - part of display is missing
>  - Brake pad indicator light illuminates intermittently. (Brake pads,
> sensors, and wiring are in good condition)
>  - Oil warning light illuminates
> Service Solution:
>  - If any of the above conditions exists replace the Auto-Check circuit
> board
> Important:
>  - If the oil warning light comes on, verify the following first before
> replacing the Auto-Check circuit board:
>   - Oil level
>   - oil pressure
>   - oil condition
>   - oil leaks

This actually sounds like the same stupid lousy connection that
most of the '89-'91 100/200s suffer from. Mine has it, Mike LaRosa
has it, I know several others, too.

The fix is usually to just unplug the display, clean the contacts
and reseat the plug.

When I reported this at first, Audi wanted to charge $1000 for a new
auto-check computer, then agreed to pick up 75% of it. Big deal....


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