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Re: Tornado...Tell a friend!

No, I won't tell a friend. About 2 years ago, I called the company and
they told me about it. A little too enthusiastically. Something not unlike
an infomercial. I told how I might do a turbo conversion on one of my cars
and the guy asked how much$? I told him and he said why bother with that
when you could put a Tornado on and get "similar" power numbers for only
$59.95 (then price). Then, I immediately saw that they were trying to sell
me a crock. Didn't surprise me in the  least that it didn't show
improvement. Am surprised that it didn't reduce power numbers. Maybe at
top end it does. When you think about it, air swirls in most intakes a
certain way. A Tornado may be detrimental to this or not do anything at

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On Wed, 1 Apr 1998, Daniel Hussey wrote:

>     No, this is not an ad for "Tornado...under the hood"!
>     But, I know a while back a few people on the list were wanting to know
> about this product (which you can find ads for in the back of almost any auto
> magazine) and whether it did what it says.  If you don't know what this is, it
> is a fan that plugs into your intake system and is supposed to give you "more
> horsepower", "increased gas milage", and other assorted promises.
>     I was wondering about it to.  While I happened to be looking through the
> April issue of C&D magazine, they had a long-term test report on a BMW 540i
> in it.  Well, it turns out our friends at C&D decided to install one of these
> Tornado gismos on thier 540i and put it to the test!
>     They measured hoursepower, torque, and fuel economy before it was installed
> and then they repeated these figures after the Tornado had been installed.
> They found that the horsepower and torque were IDENTICAL both before and after!
> So much for promises!  And, the gas milage (both highway and city) was also
> IDENTICAL to what it was before the Tornado was installed!  So, this is
> obviously some sort of joke, which apparently sells well.  If you still want
> one they are $75, but it seems you might as well just burn your money.  It's
> probably more fun too.
>     I thought y'all might find this interesting.  No law or slander suits
> please.  Thanks.
>     Later,
>     Dan