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Re: compare this what? (i'll take the be

well, i think we're talking different definitions here.  what i have quoted are
the manufacturers "kerb weight" figures.  these are for the car "raw" and
without fluids as i understand it.  actual weight (including fluids etc), could
easily add 100's of lbs to the kerb weight figures.  of course similiar weight
would be added to all the figures i quoted.

my point is that the audi models compare very favourably with the appropriate
bmw and other models...

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

>Dave Eaton responds to me:
>>well matt, i'll take you up on your bet!!
>>the audi's are slimmer, and the bimmers fatter, than you think.  the a6 is a
>>lot lighter than you think (almost a4 weight), and the m3/540i heavier. the
>>a8 is also not at all bad, weight wise.  the actual numbers are (in
>>descending order of 'kerb' weight):
>>a8 4.2qs     1754kg, or 3859lb
>>540i:        1680kg, or 3696lb
>>rs2:         1595kg, or 3509lb
>>a8 2.8       1560kg, or 3440lb
>>m3 (evo 1):  1520kg, or 3344lb
>>a6 2.8se     1423kg, or 3131lb
>>volvo 850t5: 1420kg, or 3124lb
>>a4 2.8q:     1400kg, or 3080lb
>>328i (e46):  1395kg, or 3069lb
>>ur-q 20v:    1395kg, or 3069lb
>>integrale:   1350kg, or 2970lb
>>a4 1.8t:     1237kg, or 2723lb
>Dave, you can send your check to my address here in the States!  What do   
>you folks use for currency?!?  Let me be clear.  All my posts regarding   

hey, in nz, we use beads ;-)

>these comparison threads are only based on USA available cars.  This is   
>because I am practical not patriotic.  I wish I could compare M3   
>evolutions to RS2s, etc!
>The point of my original post was that I thought MSW was shifting ground   
>on his argument.  Although every Audi in the USA isn't 4000lbs they are   
>all above 3500 save the A4.  The USA figures available to me at this   
>moment are:
>A8q - 3980; A6q - 3740 (with a 9.7 0-60 and .75g skidpad and 195 ft   
>braking 70-0 ouch!); I don't have A4 figures available at the moment but   
>I bet the 2.8 is between 3350 and 3500 lbs.  The numbers you posted just   
>aren't accurate here in the states - stop showing off!
>Matt Pfeffer