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Re: compare this what? (i'll take the be

Dave Eaton responds to me:

>>I would bet that every
>>single car offered by Audi USA approaches 4000lbs except for the A4.  I
>>wouldn't be surprised if the A4 2.8 is close to 3500lbs - a M3 is 3250   
>>think.  How can you say Audi is this great performance marquee when it
>>doesn't even build a sport car.
>well matt, i'll take you up on your bet!!
>the audi's are slimmer, and the bimmers fatter, than you think.  the a6   
>lot lighter than you think (almost a4 weight), and the m3/540i heavier.
the a8
>is also not at all bad, weight wise.  the actual numbers are (in   
>order of 'kerb' weight):
>a8 4.2qs 1754kg, or 3859lb
>540i: 1680kg, or 3696lb
>rs2: 1595kg, or 3509lb
>a8 2.8 1560kg, or 3440lb
>m3 (evo 1): 1520kg, or 3344lb
>a6 2.8se 1423kg, or 3131lb
>volvo 850t5: 1420kg, or 3124lb
>a4 2.8q: 1400kg, or 3080lb
>328i (e46): 1395kg, or 3069lb
>ur-q 20v: 1395kg, or 3069lb
>integrale: 1350kg, or 2970lb
>a4 1.8t: 1237kg, or 2723lb

Dave, you can send your check to my address here in the States!  What do   
you folks use for currency?!?  Let me be clear.  All my posts regarding   
these comparison threads are only based on USA available cars.  This is   
because I am practical not patriotic.  I wish I could compare M3   
evolutions to RS2s, etc!

The point of my original post was that I thought MSW was shifting ground   
on his argument.  Although every Audi in the USA isn't 4000lbs they are   
all above 3500 save the A4.  The USA figures available to me at this   
moment are:
A8q - 3980; A6q - 3740 (with a 9.7 0-60 and .75g skidpad and 195 ft   
braking 70-0 ouch!); I don't have A4 figures available at the moment but   
I bet the 2.8 is between 3350 and 3500 lbs.  The numbers you posted just   
aren't accurate here in the states - stop showing off!

Matt Pfeffer