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FS '87 4KQ or classic 2002tii (sorry)

Hi all, 

I know this is the wrong place for 2002tii. For the sake of a classic 
car lover, please don't flame me.  

I have a '87 4KQ for sale.  Car is in decent shape, bought it last 
October from a mechanic with 129K miles.  Now it has 132.5K miles.  
Lots of new parts including a new muffler.  I will give you the 
mechanic's name after viewing the car.  I have too many cars, need to 
sell this or my '74 BMW 2002 tii ($3800/obo).  E-mail for details if 
interested in the tii.  

Now the not so good areas, hood is damaged on the front edge, some 
idiot hit and ran in the super market parking lots.  Also, the 
driverside headlight and center grill are busted, new OEM headlight 
is on the way.  Driver side heated seat does not work.  Everything 
else works GREAT.  I hate to let it go but three cars in one person 
household is just too much.  Asking $3800/obo.