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Re: Can't get service manual for A4

I think I will need to sell a few organs on the black market first.


Scott Mo. wrote:

> I have a couple of sources for this A4 service manual set, it is made up
> of ~20 separate booklets covering all the individual sections. I have
> not seen this thing in person, but here is the worse part,
> The set costs ~$500  OUCH!
> I am trying to find out more detail on exactly what is included in this
> set and if there are any other lower cost sources, maybe if 5-10 copies
> are purchased at one time, there could be a substantial discount to
> bring the cost into some realistic price range....
> I will let the list know what I come up with,but if anyone is interested
> in purchasing this manual set, please let me know what your pain
> threshold is $$ dollar wise. I suspect there won't be too many at the
> $500 price tag.
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> Scott Mo.
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> 1988 5000TQ
> 1966 VW Beetle
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