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Re: 850...and 780

    Hey, I don't know much about the Volvo 850, but it sure seems like they
took a real close look at Audi's 20V inline 5 before they sat down at the
drawing board.  I was just amazed at how much publicity the 850R wagon got at
the time and the Audi S6 wagon (which was also available at the time) got
NONE!  Well, I don't know what the deal with that was.  Anyways, those engines
just seem real similar.  I even wanted to check out an idp catalog and see if
any of thier parts were compatable with the Audi 20V 5 banger.

    On another subject: talking about Volvo's with Renault/Puegot engines....
Does anyone know what motor was in the Volvo 780 Coupe?  That was the mid-late
80's coupe desighned by Bertone (a very nice car IMHO).  Anyways, I think that
car may have had a Renault turbo motor or something like that.  A neighbor
of mine had one for a while and I think I remember him saying something about
it having an odd motor.  Does anyone know what type of motor the 780 coupe
had?  BTW, these are nice cars that can be had dirt cheap now...if you can
find one.  Seen some that were real nice buys.