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RE: Water cooled turbo conversion-ur-quattro

... while this is indeed quite an interesting proposition, I'd bet that the
turbo is for a 4-cylinder turbodiesel ... which might be significantly
different from the characteristics of the K24 that was installed on the S4
and '91 200q.  I guess that if you could get a core for dirt cheap you might
be able to use the center portion for the OC characteristics and then
install turbine and compressor parts for the newer cars.  I'd think twice
about this as well, as the S4 and 200 apps probably generate quite a bit
more heat than the diesel ...

It would be interesting to hear from someone that has more info though ...

The other interesting thing is that the A1 turbo folks discuss WC
conversions on their site ... although in my quick bouncing around there I
couldn't find any more info about this ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

... with an '83 QTC that will take the splash soon ...

> ----------
> I think there might be a simple way to upgrade to a K24.  I believe that
> the 83 dasher used an oil-cooled K24.  Go to: 
> http://www.a1turbo.com/volks.htm
> Should (no BTDT here) bolt straight into any pre-86 turbo, no water line
> conversion.  And it is probably REAL cheap if you can find a used one.
> I know, I know, the virtues of a WC turbo and all.  This could be a real
> cheap upgrade ($100?), as opposed to the WC option ($1,200+ turbo; ,
> water lines $200+).  Any BTDT's?